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Our Projects

The oceans are in trouble.

Overfishing, pollution, climate change, and other human impacts have led to depleted marine resources, unhealthy ecosystems, and disappearing species.

Oceanic Society and its partners are working to study and protect threatened marine species and habitats in priority areas worldwide. But we can't do it without you.

Blue Habits

Declining ocean health is a global problem with a single cause: human behavior. Simply put, people put too much into and take too much out of the seas. We're taking a radical approach to communications by going beyond 'raising awareness' to motivate and sustain ocean-friendly, blue habits.

Join our community at www.bluehabits.org.

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Ocean Wildlife

Conserving ocean wildlife is central to our mission. Endangered marine species such as sea turtles, whales, sharks, and manatees not only help maintain healthy oceans, they also captivate public interest and galvanize support that can lead to the protection of entire ecosystems.

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Marine Managed Areas

Marine managed areas balance environmental protection with human activities in defined areas. They are a proven approach to long-term marine resource management. We support the development and implementation of marine managed areas in key places worldwide.

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